evolvetogether is a fast-growing e-commerce brand that makes better daily essentials for a better world. With a unique focus on safe, high-performing materials and ingredients, beautiful designs and universally-loved scents, and reducing unnecessary plastic through dissolvable, biodegradable, and forever-recyclable packaging, evolvetogether’s growing range of wellness, personal care, and home products makes doing good a simple part of a daily routine.

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Evolvetogether wanted to get a handle on their company data across multiple teams in order to effectively scale their brand. Sales sought to build stronger relationships with their buyers, merchandising needed support with optimizing their inventory, product development wanted to better understand customer preferences, and marketing sought to understand how to most efficiently drive growth. Additionally, the company needed to ensure that all of their employees, including existing staff and new hires, were aligned and focused on the metrics that matter.


By activating the entire organization on the CorralData’s platform, evolvetogether was able to exponentially increase their data analytics capabilities without hiring any data engineers, scientists, or analysts. Dozens of data sources were instantly connected to provide individual team members with the insights needed to drive action within their role. Using AI, the team now had the capability to dive deep into their data to understand opportunities to scale their business and best understand their customers.


With Corral, evolvetogether was able to build a culture of shared accountability and use data insights to develop a shared growth-centric vision. By surfacing relevant data, evolvetogether was able to gain insights and optimize multiple components of their business including their wholesale, DTC, inventory, and customer experience all from within a single platform.

Now all of our data is in one easy-to-use platform and our team is learning more about our business and our customers than we ever have.

Cynthia Sakai

CEO, Evolvetogether