Bell Curve

Bell Curve is a growth partner to young and scaling startups looking for senior-level strategic and technical execution support. Their iterative and data-driven approach ensures that these campaigns remain agile and adaptive, keeping pace with the ambitious goals and customer interactions. Bell Curve’s signature program, “Ad Labs,” provides a rapid two-week turnaround for setting up paid media and reporting for new clients. For startups, this provides a faster alternative to agencies that tend to be slow and is more cost-efficient compared to hiring in-house teams.

Top Integrations

Top Features

  • Custom Reporting

  • GA4 stitching

  • No SQL explorer

Key Metrics

  • Pipeline deals
  • MRR Growth


Bell Curve sought a reliable partner to efficiently increase their client reporting capabilities as  they scaled up their Ad Labs program. The agency’s reporting needs began to exceed the bandwidth of existing staff, who were primarily focused on critical tasks such as strategic guidance and ad operations. This left the team struggling to keep up with growing reporting requirements, creating bottlenecks in their workflow.


As an agency partner, Bell Curve leveraged CorralData’s platform to provide their Ad Labs clients with consolidated and tailored reporting at the point of onboarding, saving days of work per client. Using the platform, Bell Curve also merged all client reporting into a single view for their team, creating a one-stop hub for analyzing performance, setting goals, and communicating with clients in context.


Bell Curve rapidly ramped up reporting capabilities without increasing agency headcount, creating the ability to instantly spot opportunities and problems and adjust campaigns in real time. In addition, Corral’s easy-to-navigate interface made reporting more accessible and useful for Bell Curve’s clients.

Most importantly, their team gained the ability to easily ask ad hoc questions of their client data, leveraging these insights to sell through more agency services that would help their customers meet their ambitious growth goals.