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Track every step of the patient journey with CorralData's HIPAA-compliant analytics

Top healthcare metrics

Choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics or build your own custom metrics


  • Revenue (Budget to Actual)
  • Revenue per Location
  • Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV)
  • Profit Margin per Location


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Performance by Channel

Patient Satisfaction

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Patient Wait Time
  • Patient Complaints
  • Average Rating Per Location


  • No Show Rate
  • Staff Utilization Rate
  • Provider Referrals
  • Room Turnover

Connect data from over 500 sources, including:

EHR/EMR Systems and Financial Management

CRM and Marketing Automation

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Advertising and Campaign Management

Customer Experience and Support

Call Tracking Platforms

How it works


Instantly sync your data with 500+ pre-built connectors

No coding or engineering resources required


Use AI to surface insights

Chat with your data and build dashboards using natural language AI questions


Align your team

Collaborate within the platform with co-workers and agency partners to stay focused on objectives


Make your data work for you

Set up goals and budgets, automate your reporting, and leverage two-way sync to send data to other platforms (including Meta, Google, CRMs and more)

CorralData pulls together all of the data that a good marketer would want in order to make decisions, automatically calculating your most important metrics.

Keith Jensen

Geode Health

Trusted by leading brands

Analyzing 2 billion data points to generate 100,000 actionable insights per month.

Switching to your platform has drastically reduced our time to insights. Your platform is unbelievable!

Cozi Namer
Head of Innovation

Switching from Power BI to CorralData has given us complete visibility into our data without needing a massive headcount. The efficiency and insights we've gained are remarkable!

Andy Lew

St John Knits
The instant our team began using CorralData, everything clicked. It’s seamless to onboard, user-friendly, and very self-serviceable.

Eric Estroff
Head of Brand

CorralData is game changing. Now everyone has data-driven decision making at their fingertips.

Sue Lai
Product Lead

Insanely fast to set up. Simply connect multiple data sources for meaningful reporting in minutes.

Keith Jensen

hotel engine
A complete solution that bridges the gap between basic analytics tools and full in-house data teams—allowing organizations to become data-driven fast without upfront costs.

Chris Padilla
Head of Growth

Now all of our data is in one easy-to-use platform and our team is learning more about our business than we ever have!

Cynthia Sakai

Love having a single tool for all our metrics—email, paid media, customer lifetime value, retention, and more. We can also tag and comment right in the dashboard just like Google Docs!

Or’el Anbar
Director of Analytics

Just Salad
CorralData eliminates reporting time, providing real-time actionable insights, and allowing us to make informed decisions to drive growth.

Kitty Tsang
Head of Strategy

Ready, Set, Rocket