sweetgreen is a publicly traded, fast-casual restaurant chain that builds healthier communities by connecting people to real food. sweetgreen is leading a movement to reimagine fast food; empowering customers, team members, and partners to be a positive force on the food system. sweetgreen has a transparent supply network, cooks their food from scratch, and sources produce for each of the restaurants locally—most of which are from small, biodiverse farms.

Top Integrations

Key Metrics

  • Average Customer Retention Rate
  • Average Spend Per Customer
  • Sales Per Square Foot

Top Features

  • Custom Reports

  • Correlation Analysis

  • Reverse ETL


As a data-driven business, sweetgreen came to CorralData with the desire to better surface insights across teams. The challenge at hand was the plethora of complex data across various verticals, teams, and stakeholders: overall company goals, in-store and online sales, Outpost, customer insights, and more. sweetgreen wanted to simplify the data experience for their employees in order to empower all to make smart, data-driven decisions.


With CorralData, sweetgreen began using AI to deliver reporting without having to rely on data engineering, science, or analytics resources. They could easily ensure proper tagging and cleansing across multiple data sources so users could trust their data and have the right KPIs. Relevant, trusted data—from app data, media performance, in-person sales and more—allowed sweetgreen to acquire new customers, better understand which existing customers were at the highest risk for churn, and build stronger relationships with their most loyal patrons.

The instant our team began using CorralData, everything clicked. It’s seamless to onboard, user-friendly, and very self-serviceable.

Eric Estroff

Head of Brand, sweetgreen


Now that sweetgreen is a publicly traded company, relevant data is critical in continuing to move the needle. With CorralData, sweetgreen has dramatically increased their data analytics capacity and made significant strides in how their team uses data to make smart business decisions. Moreover, with CorralData’s Reverse ETL functionality, sweetgreen can automatically act on their data in real-time to optimize effectiveness of their growth efforts.