St. John Knits

St. John Knits is a 60-year old luxury fashion house known for its high-end women’s knitwear and formalwear. With more than 1,000 employees vertically integrated across workshops, stores and offices around the world, a robust e-commerce presence, and 33 retail stores, the company was generating significant amounts of data that could help them gain insight into customer behavior and preferences.

Top Integrations

Key Metrics

  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Sales Per Square Foot
  • Inventory Turnover
  • MER (Marketing Efficiency Rating)

Top Features

  • Custom Reports

  • No SQL Explorer

  • Funnel Analysis


St. John faced significant data visibility challenges as their company data was fragmented across more than a dozen disjointed platforms from POS, merchandising, marketing, and media data. This prevented a “single source of truth” to guide critical business decisions and limited their ability to pivot quickly based on performance.

Marketing and merchandising operations were hindered as teams lacked crucial insights needed to understand customers, respond quickly to shifting demand, and optimize campaign performance. Moreover, the fact that the reports required to effectively collaborate needed to be manually downloaded from multiple systems created frustration and additional inefficiency.


St. John Knits partnered with CorralData to create a 360° view of their company data that would help them quickly gain insights into their entire business, from marketing and merchandising to retail. Their team quickly integrated all relevant data into the CorralData platform using our pre-built integrations, instantly creating the “single source of truth” they needed. Within days, St. John had the complete visibility and AI-powered reporting for all business teams to make impactful decisions related to seasonality, marketing performance, and customer trends.


By unifying their previously siloed data using CorralData, St. John now has an accurate pulse on its customers and is better equipped to make impactful decisions. Teams across merchandising, finance, retail, and operations can now instantly access all of their KPIs and dive deep into their reporting using AI, rather than by investing in additional data resources.

By using AI to amplify data analysis resources and creating the ability to respond in real time to changing consumer demands, the St. John team drove optimizations that decreased paid cost per acquisition (CPA) by nearly 50%, decreased all in CPA by 40%, and increased overall marketing efficiency (MER) by nearly 50%.