Geode Health

Geode Health is a healthcare company focused on providing accessible and affordable outpatient psychiatry and talk therapy services. Their platform connects patients to a network of licensed doctors and therapists via video chat, phone, or in-person visits to diagnose and treat conditions including depression, ADHD, anxiety, and eating disorders. Rapidly growing, Geode Health has a targeted footprint of 250 to 300 locations over the next five years.

Top Integrations

Key Metrics

  • Cost Per Online Booking
  • Availability by Provider

Top Features

  • Custom Reporting

  • No SQL Explorer

  • PHI Hashed Data Matching


With heavy reliance on paid media to generate new client bookings, Geode Health needed to ensure their paid media bookings turned into actual patients. They also sought to streamline operations by accurately forecasting patient demand and planning for provider capacity in more than three dozen locations.


The CorralData team partnered with Geode Health to help them leverage AI to match customer intent with actual outcomes in a HIPAA compliant way, ensuring all PHI data was hashed and every touch point in the patient journey was captured anonymously to create a nimble data ecosystem setup for ongoing optimization efforts. Operationally, Geode Health now has a live-time snapshot of capacity by location and provider, allowing the team to respond quickly to changes in demand.


CorralData’s AI-powered platform allowed Geode Health to create new and more powerful insights immediately and without investing in data engineering expertise. From optimizing investments on actual availability to driving the right audiences, CorralData allowed Geode Health to see immediate results, driving down their cost per online booking by 63% YoY. They are also able to understand their customers while remaining fully HIPAA compliant.