Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine, a leading travel technology company, specializes in simplifying lodging management for businesses. With a focus on providing exclusive hotel rates and efficient booking processes, Hotel Engine serves a diverse clientele, aiming to optimize corporate travel management.

Top Integrations

Top Features

  • Custom Reporting

  • Reverse ETL

  • Ask Corral

Key Metrics

  • ARPU
  • Revenue Churn


Faced with fragmented data across multiple platforms, Hotel Engine struggled to act swiftly on insights. The delay in data integration and analysis led to missed opportunities, affecting their understanding of customer behaviors and the ability to optimize lifetime value efficiently.


Leveraging CorralData’s Connect platform, Hotel Engine achieved seamless data integration. The reverse ETL functionality enabled the swift sharing of insights with ad platforms and marketing agencies, facilitating instant optimization efforts.


The partnership with CorralData marked a turning point for Hotel Engine. Notable improvements included a significant increase in LTV:CAC ratio, reduced cost per major account, and enhanced efficiency in identifying and converting high-value customers.

Corral pulls all of the data that a business needs in order to make smart decisions, allowing us to actually act on insights from all of our data.

Keith Jensen

CMO, Hotel Engine