Make your data work for you

The first AI-driven data platform for non-technical teams. All your data and reporting in one place to drive action—without coding or upfront costs.

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Unlock the power of your data

From full-service integration to powerful built-in tools for business users, our all-in-one platform makes it easy for anyone to turn data into action.

One Tool for Complete Visibility

  • 200+ out-of-the box integrations
  • Achieve true omni-channel visibility
  • Spot trends and opportunities more quickly
  • Identify red flags and potential issues

Easy-to-Use Data for Everyone

  • No code or data engineering needed
  • Advanced analysis without any SQL
  • Tagging, chatting, sharing built-in
  • Empower your team through data access

End-to-End Setup

  • Start syncing your data in minutes
  • Save money over massive data stacks
  • No need to pull engineering resources
  • Become data-driven quickly without upfront costs

Everything you need for one low monthly fee

Data Strategy
Data Extraction
Data Cleansing
& Hygiene
Data Warehousing
Data Visualization
Reverse ETL
Traditionally-needed tools and resources
Consultants, Analysts, Strategists, Agencies
Data Engineers, ETL platforms
Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Analysts
Data Engineers, Data Warehouse
Analysts, BI tools
Data Engineers, CDP, Reverse ETL Tools
Analysts, Data Scientists
$480k+ in first year costs alone

Powering data-driven cultures for:

The instant our team began using CorralData, everything clicked. It’s seamless to onboard, user-friendly, and very self-serviceable.

Eric Estroff

Head of Brand,

CorralData is game changing. Now everyone has data-driven decision making at their fingertips.

Sue Lai

Product Lead,

A complete solution that bridges the gap between basic analytics tools and full in-house data teams—allowing organizations to become data-driven fast without upfront costs.

Chris Padilla

Head of Growth,

Now all of our data is in one easy-to-use platform and our team is learning more about our business than we ever have!

Cynthia Sakai


Love having a single tool for all our metrics—email, paid media, customer lifetime value, retention, and more. We can also tag and comment right in the dashboard just like Google Docs!

Or’el Anbar

Director of Analytics,
Just Salad

Make your data work for you.
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