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CorralData is the first end-to-end data platform for non-technical teams, making it easy to connect, collaborate, and use the metrics that matter to drive results.


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The instant our team was exposed to the interface, it clicked immediately. CorralData has been seamless to onboard, easy to use, and self-serviceable.

Eric Estroff

Head of Brand, Sweetgreen

CorralData is game changing. Now, everyone has data-driven decision making at their fingertips.

Sue Lai

Product Lead, Google

CorralData is an exciting end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between basic analytics tools and full in-house data teams—allowing organizations to become data driven fast.


Head of Growth, DataCamp

All of our data is in one easy-to-use platform and our team is learning more about our business than we ever have!

Cynthia Sakai

CEO, evolvetogether

I like that CorralData is a single destination for metrics - email, paid media, customer lifetime value/retention, etc. You can tag other users in dashboards much like a google doc.

Or’el Anbar

Director of Analytics, Just Salad

Everything you need to turn data into action

From seamless setup to auto-built dashboards that surface critical role-based insights, CorralData has all the features you need to integrate, visualize, and collaboratively act on your data.

Easily integrate 120+ sources

With over 120+ automated data connections, if it has an API, we can integrate it. Need a custom integration? We can help.

Collaborate with context

Minimize miscommunication and redundancy. Our collaboration tools let you discuss and share metrics right inside the dashboard.

Seamless OKR and goal setting

Managers can set cascading organizational goals with just a click—keeping teams and employees focused on driving results.

Improve understanding with annotated data

Stop explaining every single data point via onboarding emails and PDFs. Integrated annotations clearly define data so everyone is always on the same page.

Data made easy

Everyone needs data, but not everyone is (or has) a data expert. That’s why we built a complete data platform that goes beyond no-code to simplify everything from data integration to dashboard creation—helping any business become data-driven for less time, hassle, and cost.


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Your data is ingested and strategically aligned with your business needs and goals



Our data scientists and engineers clean and integrate all your data sources



We build and deploy your CorralData hub—and are always on call for support


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Transformative data for everyone

Executive Leadership

Gain complete organizational visibility

Set measurable, transparent goals across teams with just a click

Build a data-driven organization in days—not years

Edit Revenue Goal
Total Revenue
Current Goal

Marketing Optimization

Spot trends and opportunities from leading indicators

Have a single source of truth across all marketing

Spend less time synthesizing data and sharing reports

NPS by

Ch. Type Last 7d
Social 72 10%
Website 68 12%
Video 74 12%
App 70 10%
Paid 71 8%
Organic 69 4%

HR Empowerment

Empower managers to set actionable goals

Leverage quantitative data for employee reviews

Keep remote and in-person workforces focused

Previous: 4.5 10%

Financial Oversight

Lower the costs of data infrastructure setup and maintenance

Gain complete visbility into real-time organizational performance

Ensure business activities are aligned with financial objectives

Cross-channel Spend Pacing

IT Oversight

Retain data within your own data warehouse

Leverage your existing logins and SSO

Support your governance infrastructure

Usage by OS

We replace expensive and risky data investments with a simple monthly user fee.

Data strategy
& scoping
Data Extraction
Data Cleansing
& Hygiene
Data Warehousing
Data Visualization
Reverse ETL
On Demand
Without CorralData
Consultants, Analysists, Strategists, Agencies
Data Engineers, ETL platforms
Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Analysts
Data Engineers, Warehouses
Analysts, BI tools
Data Engineers, Reverse ETL tools
Analysts, Data Scientists
$480k+ the first year

Keep your data secure

Security above everything. Keep your data to yourself and stay GDPR, CCPA, and SOC compliant.

Encrypted ETL with Anonymized Data

Your Dedicated Data Warehouse

Fine-Grained User Permissions

Role-Based Dashboards

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