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evolvetogether is a fast-growing e-commerce brand that makes better daily essentials for a better world. With a unique focus on safe, high-performing materials and ingredients, beautiful designs and universally-loved scents, and reducing unnecessary plastic through dissolvable, biodegradable, and forever-recyclable packaging, evolvetogether’s growing range of wellness, personal care, and home products makes doing good a simple part of a daily routine.

Each of their daily essentials is stamped with global coordinates as a reminder that we’re all connected no matter our race, gender, religion, or where we live — and that when we evolve together, all our small actions can add up to a lot of good. Putting that belief into action, evolvetogether donates 1% of all sales to help World Central Kitchen provide meals to people in crisis and lets customers donate $1 at checkout to plant a tree and support critical reforestation projects around the globe.

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Evolvetogether wanted to get a good handle on their data in order to continue to effectively scale their brand. With ultra fast growth, they needed to ensure all of their employees were on the same page, as well as make sure existing and new employees were aligned and focused on the metrics that matter in order to push the growing business forward.


By activating the entire organization on the CorralData platform, evolvetogether was able to achieve complete data visibility and align their entire team, regardless of data literacy, with the metrics that matter. Individual team members were able to connect with the necessary data to drive action within their role — including integrations with Shopify, Netsuite, Google Analytics, paid media, social, and affiliate platforms. In addition, team members were able to access personalized, easy-to-use dashboards that surface role-based metrics with complete visibility across all channels and tactics, allowing employees to monitor performance and pivot accordingly in near real time. This approach — leveraging user-friendly reporting with clear access to company goals and role-based information — ensured all team members could now identify how their individual performance impacts team and company-wide goals.


With Corral, evolvetogether was able to build a culture of shared accountability and utilize data insights to develop a shared growth-centric vision going into 2023. Via relevant data, evolvetogether was able to gain insights and optimize their wholesale, DTC, inventory, and customer experience all from within one platform.

Now all of our data is in one easy-to-use platform and our team is learning more about our business and our customers than we ever have.

Cynthia Sakai

CEO, Evolvetogether

The ability to align on goals and metrics not only benefited the internal organization and each of its employees; it also gave current stakeholders and potential investors valuable insights into the business. With readily available standardized metrics like LTV:CAC, evolvetogether and companies alike can provide their stakeholders and investors a consistent way to view both their performance, and their growth trajectory moving forward.

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