On-demand AI & data team

Amplify your AI and data journey

For many businesses, the challenge isn’t just about accessing AI, it’s about seamless implementation. Pair CorralData’s intuitive platform with our on-demand AI and data team to take your strategy even further.

Our AI and data strategists, engineers, analysts, and scientists become your dedicated team. You’ll work with experts who understand your business and have the experience required to unlock the full power of your data.

On-demand data & AI services

Integration & Consolidation

Let us do the heavy lifting to unify, cleanse and integrate diverse data sources.

Custom AI Development

Let us tailor your AI model for your unique business needs and couple it with rigorous training and validation processes.

Strategic Consultation

Access expert advice on data acquisition, data storage, operationalizing AI, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Dive deep with AI-powered custom reports created on your schedule.

AI Model Maintenance

Ensure your AI model is continually fine-tuned and evolves with your needs.

AI-Boosted Marketing

Get support infusing AI into your marketing efforts to sharpen targeting and insights.

Why choose CorralData?

We're AI-first

Unlike most fractional data teams that treat AI as an afterthought, AI is in our DNA. We think, strategize, and act with AI at the forefront.

Immediate impact

While traditional methods may involve prolonged discovery, we prioritize efficiency. From the very beginning, we seamlessly integrate data strategy with engineering to ensure timely and impactful access to actionable insights.

Extension or expansion

Whether you seek to amplify your existing analytics team or carve out a new AI-driven strategy, our team offers the expertise you need.