How I measure brand marketing KPIs: Allison Stadd of Shipt


In our Executive Insights series, we hear from visionary business leaders as they navigate complex data challenges and uncover valuable insight along the way.

In this inaugural edition, we hear from Allison Stadd who has spearheaded creative teams across diverse industries for more than 15 years. Discover her framework for measuring brand KPIs and how she empowers her team to keep a finger on the pulse of business results. Allison also writes about all things marketing (and music) on the Offbeat.

Name: Allison Stadd
Company: Shipt (subsidiary of Target)
Title: SVP Brand & Creative
Industry: Tech
Some previous roles: Global Director, Stella Artois; VP/Head of Marketing, BarkBox; Director, Brand Marketing & Experience, Sweetgreen

What are your top 5 most important KPIs for you and your work?

In my current role, my team’s 3 core metrics are awareness, favorability, and buzz. We want people to know we exist, to like what we’re about, and to talk about us. We also track a robust set of proxy metrics for each of these three KPIs on a monthly basis to gauge how we’re doing intra-quarter. For example, for awareness we look at direct site traffic and branded search; for favorability, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and social sentiment.

Why is data integral to what you do?

Data is the raw material I need to accomplish any aspect of my job: build audience-optimized positioning, messaging, and go to market strategies; drive brand awareness; and create a breakthrough brand world.

What are two goals you have—one short term and long term—for your work and/or your company?

In the short term, I’d like to gain granular clarity into the business impact of our full-funnel media strategy. And long-term, I’d like to gain granular clarity into the business impact of all our brand and creative work.