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Our all-in-one platform was built for everyday business users to turn data into action—not just data experts and scientists. Explore the features that transform organizations.

AI-Powered Dashboards and Reporting

Keep everyone focused on the metrics that move business forward with AI-powered natural language reporting, pre-built dashboards, and a user-friendly interface — no matter what level of data literacy they may have.

Built-In Collaboration and Chat

Connect people to data to drive results. Built-in collaboration and chat tools let you tag and chat with other employees, colleagues, and vendors directly in each dashboard and metric to ensure you never lose context—or time—again.

200+ Data Integrations

If it has an API we can integrate it. With over 200+ integrations, we can automatically connect with all of your existing platforms to give you robust reporting powered by complete visibility. Plus, Enterprise plans have access to unlimited custom integrations to sync even the most disparate data.

Instant Goal and Budget Setting

Make goal setting an easy part of management. With instant goal and budget setting, you can ensure your team is always accountable to the metrics that matter. Simply set goals and budgets and they’ll cascade down to every responsible team member with just a click.

Data Tooltips

No more lengthy tutorials, emailed PDFs, or trying to figure out how your organization defines data. Integrated data tool tips let users hover on any metric to read its definition—improving organizational data literacy and reducing miscommunication and redundancy.

1000+ Pre-Written Queries

Get up and running quickly since we've not only integrated with 200+ platforms, but also pre-wrote thousands of queries to power your reporting. Stop wasting time integrating, writing queries, and spend more time driving results from your data.

Automated Reporting

Get critical data delivered straight to your inbox with convenient automated reporting so you never miss the chance to jump on an opportunity or catch a challenge early.

Enterprise Features

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Real-Time Data

Always stay up-to-date. Continuous syncing with all your connected platforms means you’ll always have real-time data to make the right decisions

Correlation Analysis

Is that Facebook ad spend really driving revenue? Our correlation analysis tool powered by AI cuts through the clutter to quickly see how any one variable is affecting another variable.

CDP and Reverse ETL Functionality

Maximize your data’s potential. Built-in CDP and Reverse ETL functionality make it easy to orchestrate campaigns, run automations, and act on your data without adding the cost or complexity of incremental platforms or engineering talent.

Security & Integrity

Enterprise-grade security comes standard

Data Hygiene

Actionable data starts with clean, credible data. Our AI-powered data hygiene processes perform exhaustive data cleaning and find useful workarounds for any broken, incomplete, or mislabeled data so you can trust every metric you see.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Keep your data secure. From the ability to hash PIIs to fine-grain permissions, we keep your data well-guarded—and make it easy to ensure users only have access to authorized data. Plus, a single platform login ensures you can turn on (and off) all data access quickly, without giving out sensitive passwords or managing complex permissions.

Dedicated Warehouse

We never co-mingle data. Safely retain your own data in your own dedicated data warehouse without any extra expense or maintenance. Already have a data warehouse and want to keep using it? No problem. Enterprise plans have the option to use your own data warehouse.

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