Simplifying GA4 migration with CorralData


We’re not the first to say that digital marketers are currently grappling with the GA4 migration. Those who planned for it are now collecting data in GA4, but are struggling to create unified year-over-year views of key metrics. Those who didn’t plan for it are scrambling to install GA4 on sites and integrate it with key platforms like Shopify, Google Tag Manager (GTM), and WordPress And we’re all silently cursing Google for leaving us without a seamless solution to stitch together old and new data.

Here, we delve into why the GA4 migration is keeping marketers up at night, and more importantly, we show how Corral’s AI-powered data platform can come to the rescue.

Why the GA4 migration is so challenging

There’s plenty of information out there covering the GA4 migration—here’s a simple guide to Universal Analytics (UA) vs. GA4 to brush up on the basics. And while Google has launched new versions of Analytics before, there are a few factors that make the switch to GA4 switch particularly challenging:

  • GA4 introduces an entirely new architecture and data collection protocol. UA was based on pages and sessions, whereas GA4 is entirely based on events.
  • Metrics have different names and slightly different meanings (for example, sessions are now counted from “session_start” events).
  • E-commerce metrics and dimensions are significantly different, and GA4 requires an entirely different set of e-commerce events and parameters.
  • GA4 introduces “data thresholding” that can prevent you from seeing complete datasets and can be difficult to get around for beginners.
  • GA4 data is completely separate from UA data, and GA4 cannot provide reports for website activity prior to its installation. And we repeat, there’s no simple way to unify the data using Google tools alone.
  • So much more!

As a result, setting up GA4 and gleaning insight from its reporting is a frustrating task for marketers everywhere. You’re not alone!

How CorralData can help with your GA4 transition

At CorralData, our clients have experienced a seamless transition from Universal Analytics and GA4. Why? Our platform was designed to connect data from multiple sources and create unified reporting. All you need to do is use our easy, pre-built connectors to log into UA and GA4 within Corral, and our AI-powered platform and team of data experts will take it from there. You’ll be able to:

  • Maintain historical views
  • Easily make year-over-year comparisons, blending data from UA and GA4
  • Dynamically change filters like date ranges for combined UA and GA4 data
  • Stitch together metrics that are now titled differently in GA4

Our team has helped transition multiple brands from UA to GA4, so we’re well familiar with what makes a transition successful. Say goodbye to manual Excel sheets and calculations and gain back the unified views you enjoyed with UA—all while benefiting from the updated features GA4 offers.

Ready to feel in control of your Google Analytics data again?

CorralData makes it simple to connect the dots on all of your Google Analytics data and can seamlessly integrate UA and GA4. Plus, our team stays on top of relevant changes to all of your data platforms so in the future, you don’t have to.

Experience the power of unified, AI-powered data by booking a demo with our team today. We’d love to show you just how easy GA4 can be.