Watch Now: Data-Driven Brands in the Age of AI Session Recaps


AI and machine learning have become critical tools in helping organizations leverage data and analytics to make better decisions. However, despite 97.2% of companies investing in data and analytics, only 24% have become analytically competent. So, why is there such a gap? How do marketers and business leaders easily leverage and adapt AI in their organizations to outperform their competition and breakthrough?

On November 2, 2023, more than 150 business leaders explored these topics and more at “Data-Driven Brands in the Age of AI,” a free half-day conference hosted by CorralData, Ready Set Rocket, and Baruch College. View the full session recordings to revisit the panels that resonated most or gain new perspectives if you missed the live event.

Integrating AI Into Existing Operations

Integrating of AI into existing operations is no longer an option; it’s a necessity to remain relevant and future-facing. This panel dives into practical, actionable insights that equip current and future business leaders with the tools and strategies to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into their existing frameworks.

  • Lauren Bello, CEO, Ready Set Rocket (moderator)
  • Nanda Kumar, PhD, Professor of Information Systems, Baruch College
  • Omar Sebai, Investment Associate, Valia Ventures
  • Gareth Price, CTO, CorralData

Humans and/or Machines

AI won’t replace you, but someone leveraging AI might. Explore the ways in which AI technology and machine learning can be leveraged to meet the opportunities and challenges facing the corporate landscape. Panelists provide practical insights on how companies can adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the curve in the age of AI and machine learning.

  • Alex Lirtsman, CEO, CorralData (moderator)
  • Ana Valenzuela, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Baruch College
  • Matt Tarr, Head of Digital, American Museum of Natural History
  • Cole Sletten, VP, Digital Experience, Major League Soccer

AI-Driven Marketing Strategies for the Future

AI is shaping the future of marketing, and those who leverage it will define the next era of customer engagement and brand growth. Take a deep dive into the emerging AI-driven marketing strategies that are revolutionizing the way companies connect with their audiences, from predictive analytics to personalized customer experiences.

  • Mahima Hada, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing Analytics Programs, Baruch College (moderator)
  • Kitty Tsang, Partner & Head of Strategy, Ready Set Rocket
  • Chris Padilla, Head of Growth, Philo
  • Cozi Namer, Head of of Strategic Initiatives, CMO, Pfizer​​