Gareth Price joins CorralData as Chief Technology Officer


CorralData, the AI platform that turns disparate data into insights, announced the appointment of Gareth Price as its new chief technology officer (CTO). Price joins CorralData from the New York Times, where he led the team that built the COVID analytics dashboard that won the Times a Pulitzer Prize. He will lead Corral’s AI innovation and technology strategy through future phases of growth. 

“Gareth is a visionary with substantial experience in AI innovation and building successful engineering teams in high-growth companies,” said Alex Lirtsman, founder and CEO of CorralData. “His proven track record of innovation, scaling growth, and strategic execution make him a tremendous asset to our leadership team.”

CorralData fuses human data expertise with industry-leading AI to make it radically simple for marketers and executives to analyze and act on their data. The platform allows non-technical users to unify disparate data sources without engineering resources and surface insights using natural language AI questions. As a result, businesses can democratize their data and use it to drive transformative business results rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. 

“I’m thrilled to join the CorralData team to give our customers simple, secure, and accessible AI-based tools that harness the power of their data,” said Gareth Price, Chief Technology Officer, CorralData. “CorralData’s platform effortlessly extracts invaluable insights, unlocks game-changing recommendations, and gives companies powerful tools that help them thrive in today’s complex world, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this innovation.”

Gareth joins CorralData from the New York Times where he led the growth conversion teams that doubled the company’s digital subscription base from 5.25 million to 10.98 million, adding more than $500 million a year in annual recurring revenue. In addition, he led the team that built the COVID-19 analytics dashboard and data collection program that won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service and served more than 30 million daily users at its peak. Most recently, Gareth led efforts to train a large language model on the entire 170+ year archive of The New York Times and build an AI platform to utilize this model, and was part of the Times’ internal Generative AI working group.

Prior to his role at The New York Times, Gareth led the growth and free product teams at Codecademy, a startup with a successful $525 million exit. Gareth also spent six years working alongside Alex Lirtsman at his integrated marketing agency, Ready Set Rocket. There, he built and grew the engineering team and innovated for clients like the NBA, New York Life, Michael Kors, JPMorganChase, and others. Gareth earned his degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the Computing Machine Laboratory of Manchester University. 

In addition to serving as CorralData’s new CTO, Price will also hold a seat on the company’s board of directors.

About CorralData: 

CorralData is a leading AI-driven data analytics platform that enables organizations to access valuable insights and reporting from all their company data with ease. Designed to democratize data and empower users of all skill levels, CorralData offers a radically simple interface with natural language query functionality, making data analysis accessible to everyone. With over 350 pre-built integrations and AI-powered support for custom data sources, CorralData is committed to helping businesses make data-driven decisions and stay focused on the metrics that matter.